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We suggest things you can say to promote and defend the pro-life position with love and kindness. Check out our intro to see some examples.

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We started What’s My Pro-Life Line? because we saw a need for short, kind pro-life messages. Abortion is a huge, complicated, and emotional topic! It can be really easy to get lost in polarizing and often hateful slogans. We want to put an end to those angry messages.

Treat the people you disagree with as friends who need a little help, not aggressors who need to be shot down.

An expert advocate is full of both love and reason.

An expert advocate is full of both love and reason. That’s why love and reason go hand-in-hand for us. We want you to be the most loving, kind, and calm advocate you can imagine. We also want you to be the most intelligent, rational, and informed advocate you can imagine.

The more pro-life people there are intelligently talking about abortion with love and kindness, the faster we can cultivate a pro-life society that uniformly rejects abortion. That’s why we want you to be unafraid to confidently take on every opportunity you have to discuss abortion — and even create opportunities for yourself!


We make new posts all the time. We share them on this site, on Facebook, on Instagram, and on Twitter. Each post shows a short snippet of one possible conversation about abortion. There’s one pro-life character who features in all of our posts:

We hope you’ll consider this character a role model for pro-life advocacy. Most of our posts also include some other character:

Other characters

These characters represent all the unique individuals you ever encounter. They have diverse and often nuanced thoughts about abortion.

We work hard on each post. We want to give you good advice about realistic conversations. We draw on our personal experiences (good and bad) talking to all sorts of people about abortion. We incorporate lessons we’ve learned from other pro-life apologists, like the folks at the Equal Rights Institute and Justice for All. We also build on insights from philosophers, scientists, and other scholars.

We’re always learning and improving. We want to give you the best tools we can to help you have authentic, meaningful, and respectful conversations with your peers.


Alicia Torres

Alicia Torres Hoza

“When I look around our world, I’m moved by the beauty of humanity. What wonderful creatures! Our species is able to communicate, to think, to love, to feel the pain of another, to make selfless decisions. I want to end abortion for the same reason I donate blood, for the same reason I want to end homelessness and sexual assault and ensure that everyone has access to quality healthcare. I simply feel passionately about protecting and promoting the well-being of individual people.

Talking to people who have misguided and hurtful ideas about any group of people is difficult for me. It pains me to be in conflict with another beautiful and valuable person. Often, I’m tempted to make compromises about the truth — out of love for them. I want to soothe their pain! I want to agree with them and make them feel better! But I know that love for other people must be more than a fleeting good feeling. Often it requires choosing my words carefully so as to help them find the truth. It takes more to love people in conversation than to care about them; it also requires exercising caution and wisdom and studying in advance to be prepared. I want to talk with people who disagree with me as friends walking arm-in-arm toward the truth with open minds.”

Alicia is from Albuquerque, New Mexico. She has a bachelor’s degree in Human Dimensions of Organizations and a minor in Business Foundations from the University of Texas at Austin. She previously served as the Project Manager for the Central Texas Coalition for Life and as president for Horns for Life.

William Hoza

William Hoza

“I’ve always enjoyed things like math and philosophy. I think we all have a duty to engage with the world and work to improve it, but I’m most comfortable when I’m engaging with concepts and ideas. I’m especially drawn to the pro-life movement because it involves both!

In any context, I admire people who have the ingenuity to craft clever arguments, the wisdom to perceive arguments’ merits and defects, and the courage to allow themselves to be moved by good arguments. I hope that through reasoning and dialogue, we can reveal the true nature of abortion and abolish it.

I’m motivated to end the institution of abortion out of love for all the people abortion harms, inside the womb and out. That same love demands that I be kind, caring, and charitable in my conversations. I think that’s the best way to create a world where everyone chooses life.”

William is from Olympia, Washington. He has a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and computer science from the California Institute of Technology. Now he’s a graduate student at the University of Texas at Austin, where he studies theoretical computer science. He previously served as the Engagement Officer for Horns for Life. He enjoys board games and puns.


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