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Person 1: Abortion restrictions unfairly affect poor women who can’t afford to travel to another state. Person 2 (our hero): It’s true that poor women are affected differently. I think women and fetuses should be respected and protected regardless of income.

Are Restrictions Unfair?

Pregnancy can be a serious burden, especially for women in poverty. Make it clear that you care about these women and you think society should find nonviolent ways to help them.

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Person 1: Some women can’t afford a child. Person 2 (our hero): I agree. Poverty is a serious, concerning hardship. Let me ask a question; bear with me. If a mom can’t afford to continue raising her two-year-old, may she kill her child?Person 1: I don’t like the idea of the government forcibly preventing the women who want abortions from getting them. Person 2 (our hero): Neither do I. I wish it never came to that. I want everyone to reject abortion out of love and respect for the preborn.Person 1: I’m pro-choice because I’m liberal. Person 2 (our hero): Many liberals are pro-life. Social justice requires that we protect vulnerable members of our species, such as the poor, minorities, and the preborn.Our hero: Racism, sexism, and homophobia are wrong because they devalue people based on superficial qualities. We’re all members of the human species, so we’re all equally valuable. Fetuses are members of the human species, too.
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