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Person 1: When a fetus is diagnosed with a terminal illness, the pregnancy becomes a source of pain for the parents. Abortion ends the pain ASAP. Person 2 (our hero): Losing someone close to you is really hard, it’s true. But if you found out your friend was dying, wouldn’t you comfort them and enjoy your relationship while you still can? You wouldn’t cut the relationship short.

Don’t Kill Terminally Ill People

For parents, it’s heartbreaking to learn that their preborn child has a life-threatening health problem. Sometimes, these parents are tempted to seek out an abortion to ease their own heartbreak. Ethics aside, we think this is not a wise choice. Losing a loved one is always hard, but celebrating the loved one’s life during their last days makes the process easier.

Other times, when the fetus has a health problem, parents are tempted to seek out an abortion for the child’s own sake. If your conversation partner is focused on that idea, it might be helpful to ask about a scenario where an infant or toddler is diagnosed with a terminal illness.

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Person 1: People with disabilities have hard lives. We shouldn’t bring more into the world. Person 2 (our hero): I want to alleviate hardships too. Let me ask a question; bear with me. If someone becomes disabled at age 2, should the parents kill her?Person 1: Sometimes, abortion is in the child’s best interest. It’s better to die than to suffer. Person 2 (our hero): I want to alleviate suffering too. To be clear, if a toddler has a life full of suffering in front of her, should we should kill her?Person 1: I’m pro-choice because I care about women’s health. Person 2 (our hero): I want people to get the healthcare they need, too. But I think the mother and fetus are both patients who deserve care.Our hero: I wish it were easier for women to decide when they have kids. But after fertilization a unique human is already present with DNA that won’t be repeated in a later pregnancy. Abortion determines which kids are born, not when kids are born.
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