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Person 1: You seriously think a fetus deserves the same rights as a toddler? Person 2 (our hero): That’s right! I know that might sound crazy, since a fetus is so different from a toddler, but I think I have good reasons. Let’s talk about them.

Fetuses and Toddlers Deserve Equal Rights

If your conversation partner agrees, we suggest you set aside the preborn temporarily. Your conversation partner will probably agree that there is a certain fundamental equality among billions of diverse people outside the womb. Ask what we all have in common that makes us equal. Here’s a related collection of newsletters by Justice for All.

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Person 1: Yes, of course killing toddlers is wrong. But a fetus is different than a toddler. Person 2 (our hero): I’m glad we agree killing toddlers is wrong. I agree there are a lot of differences. Can we talk through the differences that you think matter?Person 1 (our hero): I’d say there’s a certain fundamental equality between you, me, and billions of others. Person 2: Yeah, I agree. Person 1 (our hero): That’s kind of amazing. We’re all so different! We vary by race, sex, intelligence, etc. What do we have in common that makes us equal?Our hero: Racism, sexism, and homophobia are wrong because they devalue people based on superficial qualities. We’re all members of the human species, so we’re all equally valuable. Fetuses are members of the human species, too.Person 1 (our hero): You and I equally deserve the right to life. So do all our friends. What do we have in common that makes us equal? Person 2: Biologically, we’re all living human beings. Person 1 (our hero): Agreed! Let’s talk about whether a fetus is a living human being too.
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