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Person 1: Abortion should be legal based on the separation of church and state. Person 2 (our hero): I support the separation of church and state too. Would you be interested in having a non-religious discussion about abortion?

Separation of Church and State

In our experience, most people find non-religious arguments against abortion more persuasive than religious arguments. Religious beliefs may inform your stance on abortion, but religion isn’t the only reason to oppose abortion. (There are even secular pro-life groups! Check out Secular Pro-Life.) It’s fine to have religious discussions about abortion when that’s what each party wants, but it’s a good idea to also be prepared to engage with someone who would be more comfortable leaving religion out of the conversation.

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Person 1: Don’t impose your religious beliefs on me. Person 2 (our hero): I don’t want to violate your religious freedom. Would you be interested in having a non-religious discussion about abortion?Person 1: I’m against abortion, but I’d better not impose my religious beliefs on others. Person 2 (our hero): I agree that religious freedom is important. But I don’t think abortion is a religious issue any more than infanticide is.Person 1: I’m personally pro-life, but I’m politically pro-choice. Person 2 (our hero): I’m glad you don’t support abortion. I’d like to understand you better. Would you be willing to explain why you’re personally against abortion?Person 1: We shouldn’t tell women what to do. Person 2 (our hero): I agree that we should generally avoid restricting people’s freedom, but we should make exceptions to keep people from hurting each other.
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