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Person 1: It’s alive, but it’s not really alive, you know? Person 2 (our hero): I think I might know what you mean. Maybe you’re saying that a fetus is biologically alive, but it’s not a valuable person yet. Is that right?

Alive vs. Valuable Person

It can be frustrating to talk to someone who doesn’t seem to be making any sense. Understand that it can be challenging to put one’s thoughts into words on the spot. The kindest, most respectful, and most persuasive approach is to respond to the strongest version of what the other person said. Sometimes, people use words like “life” and “alive” to refer to the presence of a valuable person instead of the biological definition of life. We need to be prepared to give an argument that every member of the human species is a valuable person.

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Person 1: You seriously think a fetus deserves the same rights as a toddler? Person 2 (our hero): That’s right! I know that might sound crazy, since a fetus is so different from a toddler, but I think I have good reasons. Let’s talk about them.Person 1 (our hero): I’d say there’s a certain fundamental equality between you, me, and billions of others. Person 2: Yeah, I agree. Person 1 (our hero): That’s kind of amazing. We’re all so different! We vary by race, sex, intelligence, etc. What do we have in common that makes us equal?Our hero: Racism, sexism, and homophobia are wrong because they devalue people based on superficial qualities. We’re all members of the human species, so we’re all equally valuable. Fetuses are members of the human species, too.Person 1: So that’s why I’m pro-choice. Person 2 (our hero): Thanks for explaining. I think I get it, but I want to make sure I understand your view correctly. Let me ask a couple questions to clarify.
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