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Person 1: Many embryos die naturally. Abortion has the same outcome. Person 2 (our hero): True enough. But centuries ago, the child mortality rate was very high. It still wasn’t okay to kill toddlers back then.

Child Mortality

Every miscarriage is the tragic death of living human person. But widespread death does not justify killing. Old people die at higher rates than young people, but that doesn’t make killing old people okay.

First posted

Person 1: Many embryos die naturally anyway, so abortion is no big deal. Person 2 (our hero): Hm. I think all people have equal value, regardless of their life expectancy.Person 1: Yes, of course killing toddlers is wrong. But a fetus is different than a toddler. Person 2 (our hero): I’m glad we agree killing toddlers is wrong. I agree there are a lot of differences. Can we talk through the differences that you think matter?Person 1: 1 in 3 women gets an abortion. Person 2 (our hero): I agree that abortion is common. I think women getting abortions often have good intentions. But sometimes a lot of well-meaning people choose to do something wrong.Person 1: You seriously think a fetus deserves the same rights as a toddler? Person 2 (our hero): That’s right! I know that might sound crazy, since a fetus is so different from a toddler, but I think I have good reasons. Let’s talk about them.
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