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Killing Toddlers Is Wrong Too

To persuade people that abortion is wrong, sometimes we pro-lifers compare abortion to killing a toddler. Toddlers and fetuses are different in a lot of ways, but fundamentally they are equals and they equally deserve basic human rights. Just like it’s wrong to kill a toddler, it’s also wrong to kill a fetus through abortion. Making a comparison like that is called “trotting out a toddler.” Check out our examples to see how it works.

Trotting out a toddler can be persuasive, but we need to be careful when we make this comparison. Unfortunately, sometimes our pro-choice peers misunderstand. For example, they might think we’re saying people should kill toddlers instead of fetuses.

Don’t use sarcasm when you’re trotting out a toddler. Make it totally clear that you’re against killing kids both before and after birth. We must show the world that we stand for nonviolence.

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Person 1: Yes, of course killing toddlers is wrong. But a fetus is different than a toddler. Person 2 (our hero): I’m glad we agree killing toddlers is wrong. I agree there are a lot of differences. Can we talk through the differences that you think matter?Person 1: You seriously think a fetus deserves the same rights as a toddler? Person 2 (our hero): That’s right! I know that might sound crazy, since a fetus is so different from a toddler, but I think I have good reasons. Let’s talk about them.Person 1: Pro-lifers are hypocrites who don’t care about people after they’re born. Person 2 (our hero): I’m sorry some pro-lifers have given you reason to distrust us. I agree that our concern for people shouldn’t end at birth.Person 1: Every child deserves to be wanted. Person 2 (our hero): I agree. Children should grow up in happy homes. Can I ask a question for us to think about? Bear with me. If a two-year-old is unwanted, should he or she be killed?
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