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Person 1: She had sex. She deserves to deal with pregnancy. Person 2 (our hero): Let’s not attack women. The best way to end abortion is to focus on the humanity of the preborn, and anyway women in crisis pregnancies aren’t our enemies.

Women Aren’t Our Enemies

Remember to treat everyone with love and kindness! Our goal is to spread truth with love, not to conquer enemies. The pro-life position is based on the truth that all humans are valuable; women in crisis pregnancies are valuable humans who deserve your love too! Just like we should take care of people with lung cancer even if they brought it upon themselves by smoking, we should take care of women in crisis pregnancies even if they brought it upon themselves by having sex. Abortion is just an unacceptable approach to the beautiful goal of helping women. Finally, never marginalize pregnant rape victims.

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Person 1: Pro-lifers’ real goal is to control women’s sex lives. Person 2 (our hero): I’m sorry you’ve had bad experiences with pro-lifers. I want to help pregnant moms and their kids no matter how the pregnancies started.Person 1: Did you see that ______ is pregnant? What a slut! Person 2 (our hero): Women get pregnant all the time, but you don’t see it because they get abortions. I’m proud of ______ for choosing to keep her child.Person 1: Rape victims shouldn’t be punished with pregnancy. Person 2 (our hero): I don’t want anyone to be pregnant who doesn’t want to be. Rape is always a terrible crime. I hate that rapists sometimes make people pregnant against their will. I wish nobody were ever raped.Person 1: Don’t judge me for my abortion. You haven’t lived my life. Person 2 (our hero): You’re right, I’m sure I can’t imagine what you’ve been through. I’m not here to attack you. Would you be willing to share more about your experience?
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